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Welcome to Auckland Ghost Tours

Take a lantern lit ghost tour of Auckland’s historical streets, filled with macabre tales of murders, hauntings, suicides and hangings.


Explore the darker recesses of the city with a guided walking tour and learn about paranormal activity, weird happenings, and ghost sightings.

See the city in a way you’ve never seen it before and hear authentic stories of Auckland’s seamier side, including:

  • Public hangings in Queen Street
  • Stories about Macabre Maori Rituals such as
  • Ta Moko, Toi Moko, Mokomokai and more
  • Learn of former Maori Villages and Settlements and what life was like during the pre colonial era.
  • Why did the manager of a famous Auckland cinema commit suicide and does his ghost still haunt the building?
  • Feel the terror of the 1918 influenza pandemic in Auckland and the thousands that died from it.
  • Why was Vulcan Lane called Vultures Lane? Hear about the murders planned there.
  • Discover the gory details of the suitcase murder in an Auckland Hotel.
  • Experience the fear of a bubonic plague outbreak in Auckland.
  • Behold the horror of beheadings and cannibalism.
  • Why did the great fire nearly destroy Auckland city?
  • Where are the dead of Auckland buried?

So face your fears and take a guided walking tour with Auckland Ghost Tours - you’ll never look at Auckland City in the same way again.

All new Cemetery Tour Experience

Visit the graves of New Zealand's founding forefathers and learn of their impact on colonial history.

Explore the oldest cemetery in Auckland hidden, in the inner city.

Learn about Maori legends and what the land was used for during pre-colonial times.

Where were all the dead of Auckland moved to, during construction of the motorway.

Journey into the forest of dead.

Auckland Ghost Tours

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