Welcome to Auckland Ghost Tours

Take a lantern lit ghost tour of Auckland’s historical streets, filled with macabre tales of murders, hauntings, suicides and hangings.


Explore the darker recesses of the city with a guided walking tour and learn about paranormal activity, weird happenings, and ghost sightings.

See the city in a way you’ve never seen it before and hear authentic stories of Auckland’s seamier side, including:

  • Public hangings in Queen Street
  • Why did the manager of a famous Auckland cinema commit suicide and does his ghost still haunt the building?
  • Feel the terror of the 1918 influenza pandemic in Auckland and the thousands that died from it.
  • Why was Vulcan Lane called Vultures Lane? Hear about the murders planned there.
  • Discover the gory details of the suitcase murder in an Auckland hotel.
  • Experience the fear of a bubonic plague outbreak in Auckland.
  • Behold the horror or beheadings and cannibalism.
  • Why did the great fire nearly destroy Auckland city?
  • Where are the dead of Auckland buried?

So face your fears and take a guided walking tour with Auckland Ghost Tours - you’ll never look at Auckland City in the same way again.

Auckland Ghost Tours

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